New Years Resolutions DAY 1

I should start this post with the customary HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope your year was awesome and that this one shall be even better.

]Around this time every year resolutions are made, usually along the lines of ‘I’m going to get fit’ or ‘no more negativity’. I make these types of resolutions every year, but this year I thought I’d do something different. Yes, I want to get fit and be more positive but I don’t think they’re terribly great resolutions for me. I need obvious, I’m not going to eat junk food for 3 months or I will do 10 push ups a day. If it’s ambiguous I am less likely to do it.

So this year my new years resolution is to be in England in 2016. It is clear, I’m going to spend this year sorting out money, flights, accommodation. But also to challenge myself a little bit more I am also going to add in another aspect of this resolution (that I am sure I will have difficulty keeping) to upload a blog post every day January and weekly thereafter, and a video weekly to youtube. What does this have to do with England you ask? Good question. I want to get into routine of doing it so when I’m away I can document and show my friends what I’ve been up to. I think it’s a really cute idea, they can watch me if they miss me, I get to look back on it when I’m older. So this is the first blogpost of the daily ones. (Which I’m not going to lie, I almost broke my resolution on the first day. I’m posting this about 10 minutes before midnight, I hope this is not a sign of what is to be expected.

I’d like to know what you are doing for your New Years Resolution, leave a response down in the comments!

See you tomorrow (hopefully),

Jacqui xx


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