My Travels to Canada || Blogutions DAY 2

Today, the 2nd of January did not exist for me last year. I boarded a plane on the 1st of January at Vancouver and 24 hours later I landed in Brisbane on the 3rd of January. Time zones and such. Although I like to think of it as time travel.

I thought it would be a great day to share my travels with my family (as though I wrote it on the plane, except one year late). I’ll start off with my time in Vancouver, then the next two days with Whistler and Smithers.

Very bored waiting for the boarding
Very bored waiting for the boarding

After much more travel time then I was accustomed to we landed in Vancouver in early December very stiff and a little jet lagged. We spent a few days recovering and exploring Stanley Park.

Vancouver wharf
"Jacqui, stop waddling behind to take photos of us walking" - Jacqui's dad
“Jacqui, stop lagging behind us to try and take photos” – Jacqui’s family
"It's so unbelievably cold" - Jacqui's thoughts
“It’s so unbelievably cold” – Jacqui’s thoughts
I think we're a little lost
Guys I think we’re a little lost

We spent a night over at Vancouver Island sampling some delectable treats at the markets.


We also got to see the Canucks play (ice) hockey (I’m sorry Canadians but it’s called ice hockey where I live), which was an amazing experience. I actually enjoyed watching sport.


In my dreams
In my dreams

My favourite part of Vancouver was Steamworks, a brewery, which had the best hot wings I have ever eaten. I also loved the Tim Hortons coffee everywhere I went. Another cool thing we learnt that it was very rare for it to snow in Vancouver, and in the few days we were there it snowed the entire time.

To finish off my time in Vancouver I wanted to add in this super cute photo of the first squirrel I had ever seen.


Let me know in the comments some of your favourite places to travel to!

See you soon, Jacqui xx


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