My Travels to Canada, Whistler Edition || Blogutions DAY 3

Hey guys!

Yesterday I showed you some photos of my exciting time in Canada. Today I will be focusing on the Whistler leg of the journey. We stayed a week at the Pan Pacific, one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stayed in.


My quarters
My quarters
It looked like a little winter wonderland village. Well I suppose it was.

The week we stayed had very poor weather for skiing, low visibility and not much snow fall and it being over 0 degrees so the ice was starting to melt.


Despite the poor skiing weather we had loads of fun, we shopped around, saw the Hobbit, had some beautiful food and I learnt how to ski. I have not really enjoyed many sports until I tried skiing, it is such a shame I live in Brisbane, a city that has never seen snow.

Look at me, all excited
Look at me, all excited to be on gondola

After a long day of skiing we’d get back to our hotel where they had a complimentary drinks time. We’d always go and indulge ourselves in a hot chocolate. After our second day we learnt that they had heated pools outside which were amazing for relieving sore muscle aches. I found these incredible, I could not get my head around them. I am so used to going to a pool for a way to cool down in summer, so it was a little unusual for me to be dipping into a pool when I am surrounded in snow.


"How does this even work??" - Jacqui's constant thoughts
“How does this even work??” – Jacqui’s constant thoughts

We did quite a few walks around Whistler and Blackcomb, giving me the opportunity to try my hand at photography.



Do you guys know how to ski? If so how old where you? If not, would you ever like? Let me know down in the comments.

Jacqui xx


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