My Travels to Canada, Smithers Edition || Blogutions DAY 4

Today is the final installment on my travels to Canada, where I will be focusing on the largest portion of our trip, in Smithers. Smithers is a town in British Columbia with a population of about 5500 people, about a 13 hour of drive from Whistler. These next photos are from the drive up. It was really weird, not only driving on the other side of the road, but driving on snow. We were very much out of our comfort zone, especially dad who was the driver.

IMG_0620 IMG_0610 IMG_0604

The reason we went to Smithers was to visit my Dads cousins family. We stayed on their property in a cabin they had built just a minutes walk from there house. In the cabin was a kitchenette, fully functioning bathroom and three bedrooms with a living area. It was all heated by a central fire place, which was something I have never had to do.


Not only was their house and self contained cabins beautiful, their property was huge and stunning. We were able to cross country ski around their property and into the national park next to them.

Cross Country Skiing – Achievement Unlocked
“That’s going to hurt” – Sams thoughts
"Well, I screwed that one up" - Jacqui
“Well, I screwed that one up” – Jacqui

I’m not going to lie, I constantly got distracted by the scenery which caused many trips and tumbles. You can’t really blame me with a view like that.


These photos below was the view we would wake up to. These were probably the ones days we saw sun in Canada and by then we were missing the blue skies.

IMG_0702 IMG_0701

We even travelled to the neighbouring town of Telkwa where we took this stunning photo. It took many attempts to get the photo right, but it worked out well in the end.


As you can probably tell, with my inexperience of fireplaces and heated pools (that I discuss in my last post) we don’t have particularly cold winters in Brisbane. It might get to 5 degrees some nights but they aren’t very intense. This means that I had not experienced a white Christmas. Christmas for me is a whole lot of prawns, and food, with my cousins having a water fight. Yes I am 19 and I still have water fights with my cousins, every year. My uncles and aunts get involved as well, it’s a family tradition. Moving back to my point, I had my very first white Christmas in Canada and it was everything I expected and more. So here are a few snaps of that festive time.


Christmas Eve Dinner

Dad was very proud of his new fridge


A clear Christmas Day morning

IMG_2370 IMG_2369

We spent quite some time building snowmen in the backyard while the turkey was cooking.


Excited for our turkey dinner!

Just a little too excited there Jacqui

After Christmas we drove back down to Vancouver, and stayed there for New Years. We were able to walk down the main strip in Vancouver, right in the middle of the road.

New Years Selfie!

New Years Selfie!

We then left for Brisbane on New Years Day and got back on the 3rd of January, which was one of the hottest recorded days in Brisbane. Some areas reached 43 degrees. We returned in the height of summer where it was stinking hot. I then went to a festival the very next day, which is the perfect transition into my next mini series of blogs, music festivals in 2014. I will start these after I finish the Blogging 101 tutorial that you will see tomorrow!

Have you ever had a Christmas in the opposite climate? How was it for you? Let me know down in the comments!

Jacqui xx


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