Username Ramblings || Blogutions DAY 6

Heya guys!

Todays assignment was to think on your name and tagline. We were meant to make it exciting and reflect who you are. Now, I don’t feel that I can do this in a handful of words so I decided to keep mine quite plain and simple with:
Title: Jacquifool
Tagline: Amateur blogger. Expert fangirl.

I spent quite a lot of time considering changing my title but I really could not get myself to change it, I had become quite attached. I am very aware that sounds silly, Jacquifool is not a very imaginative or deep name. It does not require any thought to understand, there is no play on words. Just a super simple username. I’m sure you’re wondering why it means that much to me, so I thought I’d use today’s post to give you a little insight.

My last username was very embarrassing, it wasn’t quite jacqui_da_sex_bomb on the embarrassing username scale* but it was pretty close. Actually I will tell you, it was adorableidiot. I look back on this and cringe hard. I had made this when I was 13 or 14 and I thought it was high time to reverse that mistake. But I was very lost as to what I was then going to be known as on the internet. That is important thing to consider, something that requires a lot of time and serious thinking. I however did not put a lot of thought in, yet again, I named myself after a book character, which is not very original. The Fool is one of my all time favourite, beloved characters. I have a blog post in the making about my favourite books and I am sure he will star very heavily in that, so I will spare you my ramblings about him for now. All you need to know is that I adore his character and thought it would be great to make him a part of my username. I also think that I can be a bit of a jester, or fool, sometimes so I thought it was fitting.

To continue my ramblings I will discuss my very simple tagline: Amateur blogger. Expert fangirl.
Amateur blogger comes from the fact that this is my eighth blog post, with only six of my posts being on a regular basis. I have no idea what I am doing, but I am doing it anyway, which I feel as though I have a moral obligation to warn poor unsuspecting souls of this so they can escape while they still have a chance. I then added in the expert fangirl part because I did not want to be negative and I thought to myself, ‘well jacqui, you’re posts are probably going to end up being about things you are fangirling about, and you are pretty great at fangirling’, so I thought I would just whack that in there and see what happens.

*I will make an embarassing username scale for reference. Actually, down in the comments what is the most embrassing username you have had?

Thank you for getting this far through my tipsy ramblings, I’ll be posting tomorrow!

Jacqui xx


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19. Australia. Amateur Blogger. Expert Fangirl.

7 thoughts on “Username Ramblings || Blogutions DAY 6”

  1. I actually liked “adorableidiot”. My first username online (for Yahoo Messenger, back in the day) was “kafooey”, which was completely random.


    1. I’m glad you do! It wasnt the worst username I just have a cringe worthy association with it! Age 14 Jacqui is not something I like to think of! Kafooey is pretty cool, it reminds me of my brothers which was obuy.

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  2. You have a good title and tagline. Your title may not be catchy but it’s ‘YOU’. I am assuming that your blog is a personal blog. Thus, your title has to be ‘YOU’ as that is what matters. I went through the comments on this blog post. You said that the Age 14 Jacqui is not something that you like to think of. It is the Age 14 Jacqui that has made you who you currently are.

    Regardless of how our past was, our past is responsible for our today.
    Welcome to the World of Bloggers. 🙂


    1. Oh thankyou! Yes, you are correct my blog is a personal one. Yes, 14 year old Jacqui is not something I like to think of, but you make a very good point, I would not be who I am today without her. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her by any means! I just get a little embarassed but I do have a soft spot for her! Plus if I was that embarassed I probably would not have shared her.

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      1. I understand. I can relate to what you’re saying. Even my actions of the past embarrass me. I know that many would judge me on my actions of yesterday and I wish I could change that. When I pass across people that I once talked to and I know that they must be judging me on the basis of who I once was, I want to approach them to show the person that I have become. But, I know that the old me that I sometimes am embarrassed of has made me a person that I am so proud of.
        Cheers to the past! 😀

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