Lush Review || Blogutions DAY 7

I almost did not make a blog post tonight, I would have broken my resolution in just a week! I had a few planned blogs that I could just not complete by tonight as some parts (mostly photos) would not be ready in time. My laptop has actually been broken this past week so I’m using my Dads computer and I don’t have easy access to all of my photos.

It took me until 11:20pm to figure out that I have one topic I am able to talk about. Lush. I am in love with Lush. I love bubble baths. I love organic, handmade cosmetics. I love that they don’t harm animals. I love that they used recycled material to minimise their carbon footprint on the planet. I like what they stand for and I like their products. Since Christmas has just past and I like to make my love for Lush very well known, I received a lot of Lush products for Christmas. It has not only fattened up my wallet (because now I can try all these for free!), but it has also chilled me out and calmed me down after long days at work. I have lots of products still to try and show you all, but today I am focusing on a shampoo and conditioner, because everyone needs a good shampoo and conditioner.


I Love Juicy shampoo

The first thing I noticed about this shampoo is the scent as it is so sharp and obvious. I love juicy is made of mango, papaya, kiwi and pineapple juices, among other things. Those were the main and obvious scents. As you can imagine with pineapple and kiwi fruit the product smells like citrus, with the mango added to it it smells like a tropical juice. When I smell it all I want to do is drink it on a summers day by the beach, but I can’t imagine some of the ingredients can be digested. This product doesnt feel like a normal shampoo, not that there’s anything wrong with that! It just feels a little sticky. I really enjoyed using the I love juicy shampoo, I had used it after a little bit too long of not washing my hair and the results were amazing. Since I used this with the next conditioner I will talk about the results with the conditioner. I really enjoyed using this shampoo, mainly I think because of the delicious smell that makes me think of beaches and that just puts me into a great mood!


In comparison to the shampoo the smell of retread was actually much lighter and subtle. It complimented it actually, not making my hair smell so strong and as in your face. It then made my hair smell like tropical smoothie which is even better. I can’t really describe the scent, except that it is pleasing on my nose. It says that it contains soya milk, yoghurt and avocado. I can definitely smell the soya milk, and it is of the same consistency of yoghurt.

After using these two products I noticed quite a change in my hair, it was much softer than when using other shampoos and conditioners and I noticed that I did not use nearly as much as usual. It also made my hair look much healthier, before using it my split ends were really obvious, but after using this I think I be able to wait a week until I am in dire need of a hairdresser. I am interested in using the hair conditioner as a hair mask overnight and seeing how that goes. I do have my usual ones and I want to compare.

Overall I adore both of these products and I am sure I will be using them often, especially when in need of a good hair clean. What is your favourite shampoo and conditioners? Let me know down in the comments!

Jacqui xx


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