Festival Funtimes at Beachlife || Blogutions DAY 9

A day after I arrived back from Canada and faced one scorching day back in the height of Australian summer I eagerly jumped into the back of my friends well worn, but air conditioned car and drove down to the second day of this festival, beachlife. We were meeting up with some friends at the Gold Coast, also known as the Miami of Australia, who had gone to beachlife the previous day. I remember walking into our friends accommodation, not having seeing these people for about a month, and they were all playing poker looking quite green in various states of undress. As they all saw us we were bombarded with questions and movement I did not think they were capable of, looking so sickly. They showed us around their rooms, they had a green slime that they had made in the bath. I still don’t know why exactly, I think they were bathing in it? I’m not too sure. We all then sat around the table playing a game of poker or two whilst waiting for our rooms to be cleaned.

‘Mmmm, guys do we really have to play another game of Poker?” – Jacqui

My best friend and I walked down to one of the pubs and had a little catch up. We waddled back in time for a few more games of poker. I would like you to know, I really am not a gambler, it was just the only game all the boys knew how to play and not have to learn new rules for. We walked down to the festival which was just set on the main beach in the Gold Coast. They had only one stage set up, which I actually really liked, it was not a big ffestivalby any means and it meant we were able to see everyone. We got there in time to see the end of Ta-ku through to Wiz Khalifa.

I’ll be honest, I only knew of Hermitude when I went. I had little interest in the actual event itself, I was just super excited to see my friends. Despite this, I recognised many songs, appreciated many more artists and I had a crazy amount of fun. When myself and these friends start dancing, we dance like lunatics. I was nonstop dancing the entire night, I think ASAP Rocky did a mix with some Lorde in it, which just made my night. I still know of these bands and will listen to them at the correct time. I call it doof-doof music, very fun to dance to but all the sounds like multiple ‘doofs’ just slightly differing each song.

I’m afraid I was not able to find many more photos, which I feel really restricted my post for beachlife. This was also the festival that I was the least passionate about the music. However I did enjoy myself immensely, I just don’t really remember the night nor am I particularly attached to any of the bands. After the night ended (quite early as well) we walked back to our apartment where we went swimming. That didn’t last long as there were ten loud and obnoxious teenagers jumping and splashing around like three year olds. We ran back to our apartment, like five year olds trying not to get in trouble and watched television til the wee hours in the morning.

My favourite part of the entire festival would have been either while we were drying off in our rooms, all catching up together or dancing like a lunatic with my friends. I would definitely go again, I would just like to know the artists a little more! But I suppose that is why you go to festivals, you can see so many new bands!

Have you randomly rocked up to a festival or show where you did not know any of the acts? Did you enjoy it? Let me know down in the comments!

Jacqui xx


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3 thoughts on “Festival Funtimes at Beachlife || Blogutions DAY 9”

  1. Jacqui,
    It is always enjoyable experience to visit you blog, whenever, I visit, from each and every word, each and every sentence, I can experience the true joy of life, you are enjoying.
    Keep it up, I wish, in future, I will have more time to going through your each post.
    Wish you all the best…………


    1. Thankyou! I’m really glad you can feel what I’m trying to convey as I often feel as though I’m not doing it justice! It is lovely to know you appreciate it.
      Thank you again, and wishing you all the best as well


      1. Keep it up, you are doing fairly well, due to lack of time, I am not visiting your blog more often but, where ever I am; my all the best wishes remains with you only…because, true friends always remain connect with each other.


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