4 years old wishes || Belated Blogutions DAY 11


As you may have just read in my latest blog post, I am running a bit behind on my daily posting and a part of the reason of this is because my laptop broke. Well it has now been fixed and I am underway with more blogging. When I got my laptop back I went through to get all the goodies I could have lost and came across a little list that I wrote back in 2011. I was still in high school at this point in my life and I found it interesting to read back through some of the things I wanted to do in my life. So I thought I’d share them with you because I found them quite cute and I realised that I have accomplished or started to accomplish some of the things I had forgotten about.

London (very specific)
USA (not so specific)
The Great Wall of China (again very specific)
Tour ALL of Europe
Roadtrip with friends

Before I read this list I was actually in the process of organising a six month trip to England. I want to study over there and London was my first choice. I am also currently trying to squeeze in a three week trip to Germany this year as well. There are many places I would like to add on to this list here, but we would be here all night trying to remember them all. The main ones are Germany and Italy to meet some of my family, England and Greece because I think they are awesome, and just about every else I can travel to and experience more.

Study medieval times
Learn German
Be proficient in arms (guns) and archery
Write a song
Write a book
Act in a play or movie
Model something

Just the other night I finished one of the Assassins Creed games and then was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. It got me thinking of all the things I wanted to do if I could live another life (climb roofs and sail pirate ships, not assassination). There are so many skills that I want to develop. I can now drive, make coffee and pour beer from tap like a champ and it’s gotten to the point that my body just knows how to do it. I just really want to know a variety of skills to that point, which I will be writing in a blog post very soon, I just need time to finish the list (or at least get a very good head start). From this little list all I have started is learning German, I completely forgot about this list at the time of enrolling in German classes so I found that very funny. I am really enjoying it so far as I have always admired people who could speak more than one language.

Life in general:
Own a cottage
Have a family (and see my children grow up happy)
Buy mum and dad a holiday
Graduate highschool
Meet one of the Harry Potter cast (or JK herself) and thank them
Own a library full of books
Renovate my own house

All I have completed from this little list is graduating high school, I knew it was something I would always finish  but it’s still an accomplishment. I have also started my own little library, which you will very soon see.

Finding these goals from four years ago was a pretty cool insight in year 11 Jacqui’s head. I realised that there is still a lot of goals that I still want to do today, so either I have not changed much or they were always that important to me. I will be very soon adding to these with all the little things I want to complete in my life, whether it be black smithing or candlestick making. I have always just wanted to know how to do lots of things, and not just be shown it, but to do it myself. I think that is why I adore books so much, because I get to live a completely different life and in a way experience something new. Also, just to now shamelessly self promote, I have started a YouTube channel where I want to do some of these crazy things. I’m making a little Jacqui Attempts, where it’s me attempting new things. It will push me to try some of my crazier wants and wishes, and I can sort of document it.

What is some crazy or random skill you have always wanted to do? Let me know down in the comments

Jacqui xx


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