Jacqui rambles || Belated Blogutions DAY 10

Hello again! So, I completely dropped off the internet for a few days there. Sorry about that, it was really not intentional I swear. I just sort of do that, even in real life, from time to time. There will be just a number of days where my friends don’t here from me. You may be wondering what caused this sudden silence.

I have been extraordinarily busy these past few weeks, before this hiatus I was barely getting a blog post out every day, just scrambling home late at night after work trying to post before the clock struck midnight. I have just started a new job before Christmas and I am currently working full time hours, not the usual 9-5 though, try many split shifts (7:30am-2pm and 5pm-10pm) three or four days in a row. I was very used to the uni life style,having all of the time in the world, and I am now suddenly working full time hours which I did not expect from this job. I would like to make it clear that I am in no way complaining, I am loving my job at the moment. I just have the organisational skills of a… person lacking organisational skills. On top of work I have also been very sick, my laptop has broken down, and I have just started German classes. I have not had much time to fit everything in.

Here is a random Jacqui fact for you, today is the first bath I have had in a month. FYI, I am having regular showers, I mean bubble bath. Today is my first bubble bath of the new year. I usually only have bubble baths after exceptionally long or emotional days at work or when I really feel like spoiling myself. Whilst I have had some very long days at work I have actually not had the time to fit it in and relax. I would also like to add to my Jacqui fact, I am writing this blog post in the bath. Not a word of a lie, I am using the Comforter bath bomb and my god is it comforting me. I have a blog post that I will very soon write about this amazing bath bomb, so expect to see that very soon!

So I think you have gotten the whole gist of this post, I have been very very busy, and no I have not forgotten about you. I just don’t really cope with being busy. As I said I sort of just disappear for a while. I have actually been writing posts in my book, but have not had time to type them up and upload them. I wanted to quickly make this blog post as well because I am finding it a little difficult to continue my festival fun times series. I almost did not put my first one up as I don’t know whether I like my writing in it or not. Music is a very personal thing to me, I love sharing it with everyone, I just find it hard to encapsulate in words how it makes me feel and just how much I enjoy it. This was something I wanted to get across but don’t feel as though I did it justice. So I am also taking a lot more time to write those posts as I want to give these festivals and fun times the justice it deserves.

I have also found it difficult to write every day because I want to only be publishing posts that I think deserve to be posted. I write many drafts of each blog post (although not this one as I am running out of time to get a good nights sleep). So parts of me are in a battle and I’m not too sure which one will win. Do I write everyday and get into the gist of writing although it may not always be my best work? Or do I write quality and not post frequently, which runs the risk of me just never posting? For the moment I’ll stick with writing everyday as that is a goal I want to try and stick to. I’d like to know what you all think, leave me a message down in the comments!

Jacqui xx


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    1. Thank you for the feedback and the welcome! I really like to hear other people’s opinions on the matter because my head is just waging a war with all the different arguments and it’s driving me a little crazy!


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