Festival Funtimes at Laneway || Belated Blogutions DAY 12


Before I get started, I just wanted to let you know that I find it very difficult to talk about bands or music that I love. I touched on this in my last blog post, but I feel the need to say it again. Music is a huge part of my life and I cannot find the words to explain how much it means to me. I can get lost in music for hours at a time, and I can lose all my emotion in it as well. If there’s a song that is really happy, oh god it lifts up my mood. If there is a break up song playing and I’m listening to it and getting into it, I just feel all the emotion the artist has injected into that song. I let myself go on a ride with songs. So, I find it difficult to explain all these feelings and emotions about these bands without writing a full essay on it all, deconstructing the words and music and what it means to me. Even then I would not fully encapsulate everything it makes me feel. That being said I want to share these experiences with you because music is such a huge part of my life, and all of these bands have influenced it. Even though I may be saying that I didn’t enjoy an artist as much as I expected to, does not mean that I do not adore their music. It could be that I found their stage present weak, they could have had an off day, but despite that I have still had a marvellous time. Which is why I called it festival funtimes, I’ve only ever had fun at festivals. I also feel that I have quite a large range in styles of music that I like, but I feel when I say this that I come across all posh or hipster. I also don’t want to come across as though I am rubbing it into your face that I got to see these bands, my intention is to share all of this music that has affected my life in some way in a hope that you enjoy it too.

I went to Laneway Festival on a bit of a whim. I could not find a Christmas present for my partner while I was in Canada so  I got home and researched on shows Lorde was playing at, as that was who he was obsessing over at the time. I bought them probably three weeks before the festival, so I had a little bit of time to get to know some of the bands. Obviously, I knew Lorde and I knew a handful of Vance Joy songs. I basically researched Haim and Chvrches, and thought that they were enough to justify going. Angus knew many of the bands going so he loved the Christmas present. We arrived at Laneway quite early, just before the acts had started. We waddled around to get our bearings and headed off to see Mt. Warning.

Neither of us had heard about Mt Warning prior to Laneway so we were going to give them a go, and if we didn’t like them after some songs, we’d move along to another set. We actually stayed for the entire set. I loved the energy that they had on stage, it was obvious that they were loving every minute of it and it was rubbing off onto the crowd. I really admired the way they did this, as it can be really difficult to open a festival. We all warmed up after a few songs and were loving it. It ended with the lead singer jumping into the crowd and going crazy with a few of the crazier people in the little mosh pit they had going on. I went to Laneway never having heard of them, and now just under a year later I am still listening to them. Here is one of my favourite songs by them.


After Mt Warning finished we wandered around for a while. I got to see two songs of Adalita, and some Dick Diver. Laneway had quite a few little stalls set up so we had a look around them; I bought a very cute pair of shorts. At 4:15 we went over and saw Vance Joy. I remember running through the crowd to try and get as far in as I could. I did not get very far as it turned out that Vance Joy drew the biggest crowd of the whole festival. I think because they had just won the Hottest 100, an annual countdown on Australia Day (just a few days prior) done by Triple J. They won with Riptide, which of course everyone has heard, however my favourite song was Emmylou. The crowd was incredibly relaxed, which of course suits their style of music. It was one of the nicest crowds I have ever been in. When Riptide came on, everyone lost it. The crowd was belting out the lyrics at the top of their lungs and we all went a little crazy.


Angus wasn’t terribly into Vance Joy but he followed along anyway. After Vance Joy, we refuelled with the usual, greasy festival food and made our way back to the main stage. This was where we stayed for the rest of the night.

We waited for Chvrches to come on, so we were right up the front for them. I was in awe of Chvrches at this point, I had been listening to them for a few weeks and I was really into their music. But I found that they did not bring that much energy to their set. I don’t know if they were fighting beforehand, or they were really shy but I didn’t feel as though they put on their best show. They weren’t as exciting on stage as their music suggested, although this is probably due to the lack of a light show as it was still pretty light. Their very cute scottish accents made up for some of this, and I could still dance and really get into their music so while I may of been a little dismayed, overall I loved it.


We stayed after Chvrches and waited and waited for Haim. These girls were my highlight for Laneway. I quite enjoyed their music on its own, however when they were live they brought on so much energy to the stage that I could not help but to get excited. All the girls were so into the music that it was just intoxicating, the crowd went literally wild over them.


Me, who liked their songs but didn’t really know them found that they put on an extraordinary show. There’s only one way to put it, the Haim sisters are just badasses. One of the sisters, Alana, jumped down from the stage and ran up to the crowd. I fangirled a little bit because I got to touch her and somehow got a very blurry photo of it.


I get so excited when talking about Haim, as I said they were my favourite act of Laneway because they just blew me away. They got the crowd all hyped up for Lorde, which really didn’t die down during the long wait.

much excite for lorde

And finally, Lorde came on.


The whole reason I bought the tickets in the first place, Lorde. Her set was very entertaining, she really knows how to put on a show. I love her music and I really got lost in it. There was a lot of silly dancing and a lot of screaming ‘I love you Lorde’. However, after a while I found that, similiar to Chvrches, I found her stage presence lacking. She put on a brilliant performance, but that was what it was, a performance. She had her own way of getting into the music but I don’t feel as though she was fully their that night. I know it may be unfair for me to say that, but she just performed for us and that was it. You would get the same experience from the television, which is not what a festival is about. Lots of other bands that day bought more energy, and they were much less sought after but I suppose that is what I like in a festival. I did enjoy her music and I found her fabulous, but overall just a little let down because I suppose I feel as though she wasn’t making it very personal.

After Lorde we were planning on staying til the Jezabels, but I’m afraid to say we actually went home (never fear, I did see the Jezabels perform elsewhere, so not all is lost!). Yes, we went home because we were physically exhausted after a long day of music. Overall Laneway was a tonne of fun. The toilets were… well festival toilets, okay at best. I was a silly duffer and wore a one piece which was a big no no. But I felt as though the festival ran pretty well (some minor mishaps with acts going overtime) but the acts were great and that is the main thing.

Jacqui xx.


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