Festival Funtimes at Splendour in the Grass DAY 2 || Belated Blogutions DAY 14

Heya guys!

The second day of Splendour in the Grass was just as good, if not better, than the first. We woke up feeling much better than the previous morning (having a real mattress helped!) and got right into the day. We searched around Brunswick all morning finding good places to eat and a hippie shop filled with incense, jewellery and pillows. In town it turned out that the ATM was out of money. There were that many Splendour goers they ran out of money, and according to a local this happens every year. I thought that this was extremely amusing. We got back to our camp and met the rest of the people living near us (they will all star in the next days post).

Beau being silly

We made our way over to the Splendour bus stop quite late, I wanted to get to Splendour in time for Sticky Fingers but we got (really) distracted and missed the bus. After waiting for the next bus we were pushing our luck for making The 1975 and Sky Ferreira on time.

splendour day 2

We were probably 15 minutes late for The 1975. I stayed for half of their set and then planned to go see the end of Sky Ferreira. I had barely heard The 1975 before Splendour and that was only because Ellen played them on the (long) drive down. I thought that they were alright, I enjoyed them enough. This however changed when I saw them live, I thought (and still think) they are amazing. The crowd was really chilled and was loving every minute of it so I could not help but to join in. My favourite song by The 1975 is Robbers, I have just fallen in love with the emotion you can hear in the lead singers voice. Halfway through though I ran off to where Sky Ferreira was playing and actually missed her. As soon as I got there people were leaving. It turns out that the Mix Up Stage was running 15 minutes early so all the acts were finishing early, but get this the Amphitheatre (where the 1975 was) was running 15 minutes behind. The only issue I had with Splendour the entire time was this, I had missed out on seeing Sky Ferreira. I went to the meet up spot with Ellen and had to wait half an hour because I did not realise the Amphitheatre was running behind schedule. The one song I had to see by her was I Blame Myself as I love the truth behind her lyrics and it’s just a fun song to belt out too.


Next up was Violent Soho. I had been waiting for these guys play for about a year. On my last post I said that there were 3 bands that I just had to see, these guys were one of the reasons I bought the tickets. When I first heard them I immediately fell in love with Jesus Stole my Girlfriend and later on Covered in Chrome. I really enjoyed the sort of whiny vocals and grungy guitar riffs. As Ellen put it ‘such violent’, and it can be quite an accurate way of describing their music. There is a bit of screaming and I feel that it really adds an extra element to the songs. They were worth the wait, and I probably got a little bit too into dancing along to them. After Violent Soho we had a little look around again and actually went to the Tipi Tent, a little venue with tipis everywhere and some electronic music playing. That place was a lot of fun and we went there often. We sat in the tipis as they were quite warm watching a guy dance along in an animal onesie.

After our adventures in the Tipi Tent we went and saw 360. I had really only gotten into 360 very shorty before Splendour and I never realised how many songs I knew by him, like Boys Like You and Price of Fame.  I really started to respect him and his point of view. I never really understood why he wasn’t proud of being Australian, I couldn’t fathom not having pride about your country. It wasn’t until I listened to So Fake that I understood it and I agree with him to a certain extent. I then started listening to more and more of his music and it has just deepened my respect for him, especially when he sings of his family. He did an amazing job live and I especially enjoyed it when Gossling performed with him. When he was onstage he told us of these fans who came up to him at a foodstall and started rapping one of his songs flawlessly, he then saw them in the first row. He then played that song back to them. I thought that was really cool. He overall put on an amazing show, and I just enjoyed being in the same vicinity as him as I respect him a lot.

After 360 we hung around for the Jezabels, I had missed them earlier in the year (see Laneway) so I was determined to finally see them live. I was so happy that I did. They took my breathe away. It had started raining through their set, and as Splendour in the Grass is more like Splendour in the mud, it did not deter anyone, everyone stayed. Then the lead singer started crying, she was just so overwhelmed from the amount of people staying and supporting them. I really loved that, she could not contain just how touched she was and it makes me really happy to have been a part of that. Once she started crying and kept singing through it, it started a chain reaction and I started crying as well. I had actually recently been through a break up and there were just a few songs that cut too close to the bone (although not in a bad way). I thought and still think her voice is phenomenal especially when she sings A Little Piece.

After the Jezables Ellen and I went to this little chai store, basically a little stage with a bar that sold only chai drinks. It became our place to warm up during acts and we frequented there quite often. After the Jezabels we were watching some of the acts on the little stage, anything ranging from drunken pirates dancing to mermaids tap dancing. There were little tables on the side of the stage where you could draw, this was what we did. Since I was still a tad emotional from the Jezabels I accidentally upset myself about this break up. In that moment was when I considered Ellen a close friend of mine. She had been a good one for a while, and back years ago we were as thick as thieves but it was sitting on the side of a chai stage drawing a range of mountains where she became a really close friend of mine. I had started crying and opening up a little and she just held me as we were watching a this act with three ladies dancing as mermaids then farmers.

The last set we saw that night was Vance Joy. I had seen Vance Joy before and I enjoyed them there so I had to see them again, and Ellen was dying to see them. She had to see Mess is Mine. It turned out that it was there first time ever performing that song live so we were ecstatic. I think I enjoyed Vance Joy more at Splendour, mainly because I was with someone who appreciated him and the crowd was much smaller and much more personal.

We left quite early and while we were walking to the buses we saw these police horses. We chatted with the officers for a while and was able to take a quick snap on Ellens disposable camera (which is why all the photos are bordered with my bedsheets, because I had to take a photo of a photo, and I think it looks alright).

Much horse, such cool

See you soon guys with the final day of Splendour!

Jacqui xx


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