Festival Funtimes at Splendour in the Grass DAY 4 || Belated Blogutions DAY 15

Heya guys! Here is my final post on Splendour in the Grass. I’ve really enjoyed writing this mini series, I love looking back and reliving the all the memories. I’m really glad that I am doing this as I want to share this experience with you all, and it means I will forever have a little insight on my youth so when I’m older I can look back and experience it all again. I really want to find all my childhood diaries and look back, I just hope this blog is better written than my six year old diary entries! So without further ado I will get on with the final, splendorous day at Splendour in the Grass.

I woke up to our neighbours finding out that they did not have enough food for breakfast, they had learnt that they ate all bacon and were quite loud about it. Turkey bacon was their preference, if I remember correctly. A little while later Ellen woke up which meant we had to deal with the same issue, what to eat. We had bought quite a lot of food down but only had some bacon left, we didn’t feel like going into town but it looked as though we had to. As we were readying ourselves to the long hike (1km) into town our neighbours returned, they had forgotten their bacon and instead bought a 30c egg flipper. So we put in our bacon and their eggs and cooked it all on the communal bbq, when we were flipping the eggs the spatula had started to melt into our eggs. It should have been a disaster but we all just thought it was hilarious and happily munched away. That morning was probably my favourite time, by then we had met most of the surrounding Splendour goers and we all sat there for a few hours chatting away. We all knew that it was the last time we’d see each other properly so we all made the most of it. It was a great feeling to have met this great brunch of people, all of us from different places in Australia coming together for music.

Happy faces! Brittany, Rhegan, Khye, Blake, Beau, Elise, Sam, Jamieson, Me and Ellen (left to right)

Ellen and I had a really crazy, but funny bus ride over to Splendour. There was a large group that got on at a later bus stop who all had a little bit too much to drink and they were all singing together, making up lyrics to silly songs. By the end of the bus ride everyone was laughing and singing along, I even saw the bus driver giggle a little. I really enjoy little things like this, you don’t expect to experience normal scenarios in really fun and silly ways.

We got to Splendour in time for Sam Smith. We quickly stopped to the bathroom next to the stage, and whilst we were waiting in line Sam Smith was singing a cover of Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys. Ellen and I got really confused but excited, thinking it was the Arctic Monkeys for a moment. I thought that it was really cool and he did a great cover of it. He also sung Stay With Me beautifully I really love how strong and high his voice can get. It’s much better than mine. The only thing I didn’t really like about this set was the crowd. It turns out that one day tickets were sold and it felt like all of those people came on the third day, the obnoxious and annoying ones that is. The majority of people at Splendour were all pretty chilled, and as festivals go there was a lot of respect. Many people at home joked and made fun of Splendour as being hipster. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to be surrounded by people who have obscure music tastes than absolute meatheads who are inconsiderate about everyone around them, knocking people around. It felt as though the one dayers fell into the meathead group, a part of this was probably because they only had one day and wanted to make the most of it (which I do understand but they were total idiots).

After Sam Smith we ran off to see Grouplove. I had no one idea who these guys were, Ellen just said she wanted to see them and that I would know most of there songs. Turns out that she was right, I knew quite a few songs and I really appreciated seeing them live. The song that stood out the most for me was Tongue Tied. I had heard it before and it always took me into an imaginary place. I always imagined road trips and festivals with friends (although I don’t recognise the people in this place), just laughing and carrying on like teenagers. It’s probably the song I associate with what teenagers do on summer holidays, bonfires on the beach, music festivals and first loves with a lot of music and a lot of laughs. It actually summed up my time at Splendour in the Grass, bouncing around to music, sharing a kiss with a cute boy, meeting some awesome new people. The crowd lost it to this song and it was really easy to get lost in their music. It was the act that surprised me the most, and I loved it.

Next was Chvrches, I was really amazed with their performance. Last time I saw them was at Laneway and I left a little disappointed. I’m really glad I gave them a second chance as they completely made up for it. Their light show was amazing and really complimented their songs and they all seemed as though they were lost in their music and loving it. Ellen and I were dancing around the back like idiots. My favourite song by them is Gun, and was spectacular live. It’s the type of song that gives you a little bit of a backbone, makes you feel like a badass. The lyrics really drive that point home, but it’s juxtaposed with really sweet sounding vocals, which actually makes it a little more scary. Like you’ve really pissed this person off and it’s coming across sweet but you it’s not. During their act they told us little stories, the one at Splendour was that they had all tried Tim Tams for the first time. They thought the name was odd, but they were delicious. I love hearing silly things like this.

After Chvrches we went and got some pizza. We waited in the line for ages and ended up missing a bit of Hilltop Hoods. That was a bit of a shame, but we could hear it all from where the pizza stall was. When we finally got back to the stage we met a phenomenal sight, this sea of people just losing themselves, head banging, to Hilltop. After their set we to Tipi Tent and as we were walking down this big hill out of the amphitheater I saw this guy running up the hill trying as hard as he could to get there. Once he reached us he asked me if they had finished and I replied with a yes. He literally dropped to the ground in despair in front of me, I felt terrible for him. My favourite song by them by far is The Nosebleed Section as it takes me back to 4WDing around with my partner. It was such a great song to see live as everyone knew the lyrics.

It turns out the pizza boxes were really good for sitting which meant we could take a load off our feet for Foster the People. We sat up on the big hill watching the show. We were absolutely exhausted by this point and were trying to conserve our energy for Lily Allen. I only knew one song by Foster toe People, which was Pumped up Kicks. I ran into the crowd to dance for that one song, but apart from that I just watched. They put on a great show, I just wished I knew some more songs, or was at least in the mood for listening to new songs (which I really was not).

When Lily finally came onstage to close the festival we just lost it. We had ran right into the middle to see her live and by god was she fantastic. We knew all the songs she played and we were using the last of our energy jumping up and down to her. She put on an amazing show and had such a personality on stage, she was just a little bit cheeky. She was moving songs around because she didn’t feel like singing one just yet. My favourite song that she had sung was Fuck You, she told everyone to dance around and give people the finger. Afterwards she laughed saying how fun it was being able to do that, singing those lyrics with a crowd flipping people off whilst the cops watched stoney faced. She was a tad drunk. I was a little sad that she didn’t play Alfie, just I wasn’t really expecting her to as it is quite an old song (but it is my favourite).

I drove home the next morning after fixing our flat battery (oops) and only on $20 of fuel. I don’t know how we managed it. I had a spectacular time and enjoyed it so much that I was in post-Splendour depression for months!


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