Be Inspired By Your Neighbours || Belated Blogutions DAY 16

Heya guys!

I’ve been extraordinarily busy lately and have fallen behind on my blog posts. This post is for a Blogging 101 assignment that I couldn’t find time to fit it in. The idea behind this blog post is to respond to a post that I have found that stood out to me. There’s No Place Like Home is the post that I found, and I’d invite you to read it here. 

The author desleyjane travels quite frequently and really enjoys it, but her favourite part is returning home. She asked us all if we were the type of person that needs a home base or if you would be happy travelling all the time. I, personally, am quite the hermit. Many of my friends have noted that I completely disappear for varying amounts of time. When I returned from Canada I saw all of my friends for two weeks straight. I did not have a break, and then I got really sick. I was bedridden for a week. I was actually really happy when that happened because it meant I could just have a lot of me time.

So it would seem that I am the type of person that needs a home base, I love being in my own space, surrounded by my own things. I think this comes from a lot travelling, but I don’t feel as though I have a home. This sounds a little weird, obviously I have a place where I live, in fact I have two houses, and my partners house (where I spend a lot of time). But I don’t feel as though I have a place that is 100% me. My parents split up about 7-8 years ago now and I have been living one week with dad, then one week with mum. This has always been the same for years, one week at dads, then one at mums. The only time it changes is when we go on holidays for two weeks, then it’s two weeks at mums and two weeks at dads. It’s always the same. I have spent some time during ‘dads week’ at mums house and it doesn’t feel right. Yes it’s my room, my home, my family but it’s not where I’m supposed to be that week. I don’t have a home that is always, 100%, there for me. I’m living out of a suitcase, so I’m always travelling.

My partner, and multiple friends, have asked me ‘why don’t you move into one of your parents house permanently?’ I don’t want to do that, partly because I can’t decide who I want to live with and this way I can still live with both. I still get my own space, I get to spend time with both parents equally, I still get to see my brother. So I think I’d prefer all of that to always having my own space. I will move out of home one day and I’m looking forward to having the freedom of building my home into exactly how I want to, and not packing up my stuff every week. But for now I’m happy travelling every week, and when I am home with my parents it makes up for it. I still have a place I can relax and disappear like a hermit for a week.

Continue this conversation! Do you need a home base, or would you be happy always travelling?


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12 thoughts on “Be Inspired By Your Neighbours || Belated Blogutions DAY 16”

  1. I’m a home based type of person. I do enjoy traveling and seeing new sights. It just feels so good to return home. I traveled from parent to parent when I was in school. Then lived with my Grandparents and my Mom before I graduated. Then I spent some time staying with my cousin, boyfriends, and the blessed day came when I got an apartment of my own. It felt so wonderful to have a special place, at the same time it got very lonely so I moved back in with my Grandparents again. Then my boyfriend and I got serious and moved out of town and into our first home together. That journey has led to marriage, children, and exploring my new town as we move a lot for my husband’s career. No matter where I end up living in still a homebody at heart. 😊

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    1. It sounds like you’ve lived with quite the amount of people! I don’t how it will be for me when I get my own space, I suppose I’ll either cherish it or feel really lonely, we’ll see! I’m very excited either way, especially excited to decorate my kitchen (I’m not that great of a cook, I just like kitchen things).

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      1. Oh yes I could give you a list and your mind would be boggled. This was in a short amount of time. Yes it’s wonderful to cherish your own space filling it with wonderful things you love. Loneliness is a state of mind. Sometimes it spurs you own to social interaction. And other times it forces you go inside and become your own best friend. I love kitchen stuff. I literally have 3 veggie peelers and 3 can openers. Kitchen gadgets are like crack to me. 😉

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  2. Hey – thanks, I’m glad my post resonated with you. I think we talked about this on that post, but yes, a home base is required for me 🙂 I’m glad you have two home bases, well three actually!!
    On a slightly related note, I bought a new suitcase today!!! Exciting for me, boring for other people, but I’m obsessed with having functional luggage 😉

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    1. Yeh, it really stuck with me. I wanted to respond with all that information but I thought it may of been a little over the top for a comment! Then I remembered the assignment so it fit perfectly!
      Hahaha, I completely understand the need for functional luggage. I just got back from New Zealand and I literally just crammed everything I needed in about 5 minutes. It made it very difficult when I got over there!

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      1. Smart idea! My cat knows when we’re leaving every time, as soon as we start packing the car he gets really annoyed. He’ll sit near us because he wants to spend as much time with us as possible, but doesn’t want to show it! When we get back we get the same treatment, ignoring his name and pats, but will always be there wanting to be a part of the family.

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      2. It’s always the way! I just pick up my cat, Pokey, and nurse him until he calms down. He then acts all cool and meows to be let down because he doesn’t want to seem like he enjoyed it. But 5 minutes later he’ll come back for more. Pets are just so cute!

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