Jacqui attempts goals

Let me paint a picture for you here. It’s 2am, I am lying in bed nibbling on dim sums and spring rolls, and binge watching the 20th episode of Gossip Girl today. My arm is aching and my neck is all crinky from being in bed all day. This can only mean one thing (apart from the fact that I am a really dedicated television viewer) I am procrastinating something hard.

Last month I took a Blogging 101 course where we got daily assignments. I did not complete most of the assignments, I sort of flunked that. I also promised myself that I would write a post every day for the month. I made 17 out of 31. This month I have started the Blogging 201 course. Our first assignment is what I’ve been procrastinating, about goals. As you can see, I sort of failed my last goal. The reasoning behind it was to get in the groove of writing, which I have done. I just have troubles with concrete ones, and now it is time to make some more. Eek.

In between watching Chuck and Blair’s weird relationship I have been trying to think of some goals. The aim is three. The most obvious goal rips off my schedule for writing, I have just written a post about when and what I’m going to write about here. I basically want to keep up with this. My previous goal to do a post a day for a month was probably a little drastic considering I had only written two posts before that, but this time it is less pressure and I think I can keep up with this.

That was all I had come up with until I started writing. I have now paused Gossip Girl for a moment as I’m getting into my little writing groove, humming all the words I’m typing out. I have been reflecting on my time on this site in the last month and I feel as though it is a bit of a home. I have my own corner of the internet where I can write about whatever I want and I feel comfortable doing it. I really like having my own little area to be completely me where I’m not scared of what people are going to think. I want to explore this place more. My goal is to spend at least one continuous hour a week minimum reading other peoples posts. I have so many more cool people I could potentially come accross and I have a lot to learn.

My final goal is to get more followers, and unlike my previous goals I don’t want to put a number on it. I want to continue expanding and connecting with new people. I just don’t need a definitive amount to feel as though I have achieved something. Anytime I get a new like, view or follower I get really happy. I don’t want to become obsessed with numbers.


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