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Lush has to be one of my favourite stores. I adore their bath bombs just a little bit too much. I am one of those people who, after a hard day, will indulge with a hot cup of tea, bubble bath and a good read. The combination generally calms me down 80% of the time. The other 20% is when I read some book (I’m looking at you Game of Thrones) and my favourite character has just been killed off, and I just want to curl in the fetal position and cry. However, when my favourite character hasn’t just been killed I’ve found that the Lush bath bombs are some of the best.


I bought all of these quite a while ago now. After my exams finished last year I went on a bit of a shopping spree and bought some books and bath products. Most of these are limited edition Christmas products so they are no longer available. I will be marking them with *.

Starting off with a bang I’ve got the Sparkler Bath Bomb*.


This was a part of their Christmas collection and I’m hoping that they might bring it back this year. You may be wondering why, it surely does not look particularly impressive on the outside. However, once it’s in the water it is a masterpiece. It starts fizzling away with bangs of yellow, shortly then a dark orange and last gold glitter. It was beautiful and luxurious, and the most important part is that the gold glitter did not stick to my bath afterwards (big pet peeve).The sparkler consisted of rose, geranium and lemon scents. This description does not mean much to me (as I don’t know the plain scent of rose or geranium) I just recall it being really refreshing.

Next up is this little cutie the Butter Bear*


This little guy couldn’t stand up quite right and I didn’t get any other shots. I was feeling quite festive as I was wandering through Lush and wanted to get holiday themed bath bombs and (I know you can’t really tell from the photo) he’s in the shape of a polar bear. I ended up buying him as he was just so cute and I couldn’t leave without him. My first issue was that he was quite small as bath bombs going, weighing in at 60g. But I bought him anyway. When he first hits the water he fizzles away into a white cloud and leaves behind little chunks of cocoa butter. A scent of cocoa fills the air mixed with something a little sweeter, turns out this is ylang ylang. I had mixed feelings on the cocoa butter, I found them really soothing and loved rubbing it into my skin but they made quite a mess. I’m sure you’ll notice that this is a big thing to me, but I don’t like having to clean my bath after every use. And without the cocoa butter this was a bit of an ordinary product. Lush releases a  version of the Butter Bear every Christmas and I’m hoping that next time they up their game, it had a lot of potential.

Next up is the exicitng Luxury Lush Pud*.


This bath bomb caught my eye straight away, I got completely distracted from everything else. The pretty bright polka dots just drew me in, I was just imagining the effect that they had in the water. As soon as I dropped it in the pink started fizzling away leaving the mulitcoloured polka dots to sizzle away soon after. Once my child like astonishment went away I went straight to play, swirling my arm through the water creating different patterns with the mixture of colours. This was one of the baths where I didn’t read my book, it was just too fun. The only issue I have with it is that it is limited edition and I didn’t get a chance to buy another 100 few. The fragance was quite nice, a lavender scent, and I don’t usually go for lavender. One thing that really surprised me (and here it is again) it did not stain my bath, I did not have to clean it up afterwards, thank god!

Here is the delicious Yog Nog Soap*!


The whole reason I first went into a Lush store is because I was walking past and saw a table stacked up with wheels of soap. I just had to have a look. Still now, every time I walk in there I marvel at these soaps. They look like cheese wheels, but with beautiful designs on it. The smell like food, but I can assure they don’t taste like it. I can never help myself looking at this table of soaps because I’m always stunned by what I find, and the Yog Nog is no exception. It smells like eggnog for Christ’s sake (of course, that’s where it got its name). Every time I walk  into my bathroom and get hit by this strong scent of eggnog I just think of Christmas, I think it’s great. However, I find it leaves my skin feeling a little dry. I then just started using it on particularly dirty areas (feet after running around all day without shoes) and it worked a treat! Even though it may not have been the best for my skin at the start, I’m glad I bought it because it has lasted me 4 months and my bathroom still makes me think of Christmas.

Now is one of my favourites, the Brightside Bubble Bar!


What first attracted me to this Bubble bar (I actually think it was the first one I ever bought) was the bright colour and the name. One of my favourite songs is Mr. Brightside by the Killers and I couldn’t help myself to buy it. I was first a little scared about the price 10.50AUD but I found that it was more than enough for 3-5 baths depending on how much you want to use. When a part is broken up and placed in the bath it starts to melt away with all the bright colours and really zesty mandarin and tangerine aromas swirling around. I always like to crumble a little piece off and rub it on my legs to get the process going a little quicker (I’m quite impatient!). You become surrounded in rich orange water with a really fruity scent, which is perfect in summer. It’s so uplifting and refreshing, it has to be one of my favourite Lush products ever.

And now The Comfort Bubble Bar!


The Comforter is very similiar to the Brightside, it’s one of my favourites (I just love bubble bars!) and you can get just as many uses out of it. Really, the only difference is the colours and the scent. Every time I use it I crumble it under running water, rub it on my skin to try and get all the bubbles going. Purple, pink and white swirls around the bath as it starts to melt and scents of cherries, strawberries and blackcurrants surround you in a comforting hug of delicious smells. It’s one of my favourites to relax to.


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