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In case you guys didn’t realise, one of my favourite beauty stores (or stores in general) is Lush. I think you may be starting to figure this out, as all of my beauty reviews have been solely about Lush. I received quite a few products for Christmas and I want to share my experience with these. The products themselves are quite expensive so I understand the need to know what you’re getting. One of my presents was the Rosie Gift Box at $35.65 (AUD).

First up is the Tisty Tosty Ballistic

DSCN0891 DSCN0163

I wasn’t expecting much from this bath ballistic. It is quite pretty, but really simple.  By the time I used it (2 months after receiving it) the rosebuds had started to wilt which is why the colour has changed slightly in the left photo above. In hindsight it was pretty obvious that would happen (no shit Jacqui roses die when you leave them in your bathroom for two months). When I did eventually pop it in my bath it started fizzing away the instant it touched the water.


As the ballistic broke down the (wilting) rosebuds started swirling around the bathtub. Despite looking a bit tired they still did the job, a subtle scent of roses filled the air. I was also lucky and got more than the usual 7 rosebuds, sweet! Once the ballistic finished fizzling the only trace it left was the scent and the rosebuds, there was no lingering colour or cool tricks. It was quite a simple ballistic and for $6.75AUD I would want a bit more. The scent did not last very long and you are literally just bathing with rosebuds in your bath. However, when I exited the bath I found that my skin felt much softer, which is a bonus. I didn’t have the moisturise! But I can get the same result by dropping a few rosebuds from my tea in my bathwater for a much cheaper price.

Next up is the Rose Queen Ballistic

This one even looks much more exciting than the last and it is actually a bit cheaper at $5.50AUD. From the moment I popped it into the bathtub it was much more fun. The ballistic fizzled away, spurting out a vibrant pink with petals of lavender, marigold and hibiscus.

DSCN0159 DSCN0917

Once it stopped fizzling the bathwater was more of an amber colour. The scent also lingered for my entire bath (which was very long, and relaxing).

DSCN0922 DSCN0925

However, I was not looking forward to cleaning out bathtub afterwards. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, most of the petals drained away and it only needed a splash or two of water to get rid of the excess, no scrubbing involved! This is probably one of my favourite bath ballistics, and I probably would have never chosen it on my own. I’m not for bath products that need cleaning and I’m not a big fan of rose, but this surprised me on both accounts.

Now it is time for the Amandopondo bubble bar.

DSCN0165 DSCN1017

Again, I made the same mistake where I left the bubble bar sitting too long and the little rosebud started to wilt, whoops. I didn’t know what to expect with this one, infact I didn’t realise it was a bubble bar until I put it in the bath (only because I hadn’t read the little tag saying what the products were in about 2 months). So I was a little confused when it wasn’t fizzing and jumping around the bathtub. Instead  a massive amount of bubbles was forming and I was over the moon, I adore bubble bars. The scent it released was of subtle rose with a kick of lemon and orange which made it really refreshing.


I am still extremely surprised by the amount of bubbles that this bubble bar made. I was playing with them all throughout my bath, so I didn’t get any reading done that night. Whilst this bubble bar did not have the really vibrant colours like others do, I did really enjoy it. The scent was beautiful and the bubbles were relaxing, when I wasn’t playing with them. However, the rosebud was a bit of a waste as you have on rosebud in amidst all these bubbles. I completely forgot about it until I had to fish it out after my bath.

I might repurchase this product. Whilst it was a lot of fun there are other bubble bars that I do prefer, the Brightside and the Comforter. But this one is quite a cheap alternative at $7.95AUD which is good value if you get 2-3 uses out of it.

Now is the Rose Jam Showergel

DSCN0158 DSCN0157

The Rose Jam shower gel smells like Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, just with more of a fruity kick. It had a rose base but with a hint of lemon and vanilla. I personally adore the scent as I like really sweet and powerful scents. I have read that a few people find it too pot pourri for their liking. When I am purchasing shower gels for myself I always make sure that I smell it in store, you don’t want a shower gel you can’t stand. So if the scent doesn’t work for you, don’t buy it.

As it came in a 100mL bottle I was afraid that I would use it too quickly. Especially since it’s a limited edition item I want to hold onto it for quite a while. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it lathers and it can go really far, I have only used a third of the bottle in 2 months. I would consider repurchasing this item, if it were available. It would depend on the price, if it were too expensive I always have Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner anyway. .

And now it is Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


This product is a body conditioner. Not going to lie, I was a little confused as to what that was when I first got it. Turns out it’s meant to be used after a shower lotion or gel and rinsed off, in place of a moisturiser. Once I realised this I got excited, this would be perfect in winter when it’s too cold to moisturise after you have gotten out of the warmth of the shower! However, it’s the middle of summer so I still have to wait a while to test this.

After using this I found that it left my skin feeling really smooth. Turns out it is actually perfect for my skin in summer. When I moisturise in summer my skin gets really gluggy and itchy so I spend hours scratching at my legs. With this I found that it is light enough so that my skin can still breathe, but it moisturises it. Another plus is that I really enjoy the scent. I have seen a few complaints of this products scent not lasting long enough but it works well for me. I have paired it with Lush soaps of a similar scent or the Rose Jam Shower gel and that makes the scent linger longer, however I don’t to do it too often as I’m scared it will be overpowering.

I am considering buying myself a large pot of this, but it is exceptionally expensive at $32.50AUD so we’ll see.. Actually I think the next gift box I’m going to review came with a tub of this as well so we’ll find out then.


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