Just a quick little update!

I have had a super insanely busy week! It was so intense that I did not have time to post some of my blog posts. They are both on their way, I hope to get them out in the next 24 hours. There was quite a lot going on last week, and I want to fill you in with some of it.

I started back up at uni last week and I also forgot to inform work. So I had to somehow fit it all in, alongside my last week of German lessons. I had a little bit more than usual crammed into my days.

But the big thing was that my partner and I broke up. We had been dating for close to two years and obviously he was a big part of my life. Therefore this last week was quite hard on me and I wasn’t feeling up to writing all the time. I don’t want to say too much more on it as it is quite personal and I don’t want to make a fuss, but that is why my posts are quite late.

And then, to end on a high, I got home late last night from the Soundwave festival. It was a truly amazing experience which absolutely made my week. You can expect a few posts coming out about it soon. I am so excited to tell you guys all about it! So, I really didn’t have time to catch up on the weekend!

And all of this together just resulted in a lack of time or want to blog. But it’s the start of a new week and I will be finishing those two posts, along with quite a few more! I look forward for you seeing them!


The Liebster Award


I was nominated for the Liebster award about 6 days ago now. I misunderstood what I had to do, I thought that you were nominated, then had to win to continue it, I don’t know. I then realised my mistake today, so I wanted to thank Iridescent Spirits for the nomination. I did not expect to be thought of and I really appreciate it!

The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers (those with less than 200 followers). The idea behind it is to motivate and encourage them. Liebster is a German word that means beloved or darling, so you basically nominate bloggers with a small audience that you treasure and think happy thoughts about.

If you want to carry this on there are some rules to accept to nominate further:

  1. Display the Liebster award on your blog.
  2. Thank and link back to your nominator.
  3. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers with about 200 or fewer followers and link to them.
  5. Draft 11 new questions for your nominees.
  6. Notify your nominees via their blogs or social media.

And here are my questions and answers

1. Why did you start blogging?
There are quite a few different reasons, one of those is to improve my writing skills. I have always had a difficult time conveying my thoughts into any medium. I think I am improving. I also blog to discuss the things I love, my blog focuses around the tv shows I watch, music I listen to, all just me. It’s a place where I can be just me and can potentially meet some cool people.

2. What would be your dream job?
My dreams change constantly, but my current dream job is to work on a travel/lifestyle program as a tv presenter. I like places, I experiencing new things, and I like talking about those things. I’m pretty much doing that now without the paycheck…

3. What inspires you the most?
Ordinary people doing spectacular things. Probably because it means there’s a small chance I can do it too.

4. Do you have a special ritual or place for writing?
No healthy ones. If the words are flowing then I can write anywhere at anytime. However, if I’m stuck I’ll procrastinate like crazy and freak out later.. or I’ll just pour myself a glass of wine and keep trying.

5. What are you most proud about your blog?
I think I’m most proud that I kept to it. I’m always thinking about improving it, or what to write about. I’m proud that the blog is apologetically me, if I want to talk about Marilyn Manson a week after my favourite bubble baths, I will do it.

6. If you could achieve anything only by blogging what would it be?
Probably that dream job at Question 2. If I could support myself running around the world seeing everything only by blogging, that would be extraordinary.

7. Do you have any unusual habits? If so, what are they?
I will always drink tea or coffee with a spoon in the cup, even if I don’t use sugar.

8. Do you like reading? If yes, what genres do you prefer?
I love reading, my favourite genre is fantasy. I do dabble in some teenage, coming of age books as well.

9. Have you ever surprised yourself by doing something you thought you’re incapable of, yet in the end it turned out it is one of your hidden talents?
If you would call blogging a talent of mine, then yes. I did not think I could or would stick to this, or have so much to talk about. I’m also not later embarrassed by what I write about, so that’s a plus.

10. Would you like to be famous? If yes, what for?
I’m unsure. I like the idea of being internet famous, where people know about you, but not everyone on the street knows who you are… I’d like to be a danisnotonfire, not a Brad Pitt.

11. Are you a cat or a dog person?
Uggghh. I hate this question, I’m equal. However, if you put a gun to my head I will go with cat because they don’t lick me, and I don’t need to clean their poo.

My nominees:
1. musings of a frequent flying scientist
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5. Flavoured Lemons
6. Jess Writes With Crayons
7. C.J. Photography
8. Fffrail
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10. Unironically Excited
11. Come Fly With Me

My 11 questions (if you wish to carry it on)
1. What is your favourite post that you’ve written?
2. Who is your favourite fictional character?
3. How did you pick your blogs name?
4. What is your favourite procrastination tool?
5. If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?
6. If you could see any band live, dead or alive, who would it be?
7. If you could move to any part of the world, where would it be?
8. Are you a morning person? If not, when is your preferred time of the day?
9. How many languages do you speak? And what languages would you like to learn?
10. Do you have any unusual habits?
11. Are you a cat or dog person?

Jacqui attempts goals

Let me paint a picture for you here. It’s 2am, I am lying in bed nibbling on dim sums and spring rolls, and binge watching the 20th episode of Gossip Girl today. My arm is aching and my neck is all crinky from being in bed all day. This can only mean one thing (apart from the fact that I am a really dedicated television viewer) I am procrastinating something hard.

Last month I took a Blogging 101 course where we got daily assignments. I did not complete most of the assignments, I sort of flunked that. I also promised myself that I would write a post every day for the month. I made 17 out of 31. This month I have started the Blogging 201 course. Our first assignment is what I’ve been procrastinating, about goals. As you can see, I sort of failed my last goal. The reasoning behind it was to get in the groove of writing, which I have done. I just have troubles with concrete ones, and now it is time to make some more. Eek.

In between watching Chuck and Blair’s weird relationship I have been trying to think of some goals. The aim is three. The most obvious goal rips off my schedule for writing, I have just written a post about when and what I’m going to write about here. I basically want to keep up with this. My previous goal to do a post a day for a month was probably a little drastic considering I had only written two posts before that, but this time it is less pressure and I think I can keep up with this.

That was all I had come up with until I started writing. I have now paused Gossip Girl for a moment as I’m getting into my little writing groove, humming all the words I’m typing out. I have been reflecting on my time on this site in the last month and I feel as though it is a bit of a home. I have my own corner of the internet where I can write about whatever I want and I feel comfortable doing it. I really like having my own little area to be completely me where I’m not scared of what people are going to think. I want to explore this place more. My goal is to spend at least one continuous hour a week minimum reading other peoples posts. I have so many more cool people I could potentially come accross and I have a lot to learn.

My final goal is to get more followers, and unlike my previous goals I don’t want to put a number on it. I want to continue expanding and connecting with new people. I just don’t need a definitive amount to feel as though I have achieved something. Anytime I get a new like, view or follower I get really happy. I don’t want to become obsessed with numbers.

I Can’t Paint || Belated Blogutions DAY 16

Photo by: aartishinde
Photo by: aartishinde

I’ve just come across this picture and it fully illustrates how I’ve felt my entire life. I have never been able to fully convey my meaning in any form, be that written, spoken, drawn or musically. I have so many ideas ratting around in my brain but I can’t let them out. I want to do all of these great things but I can’t even find words to explain this perfect idea in my brain. It’s been very frustrating for me, and I think it has impacted my confidence quite a lot. I think that is one of the reasons I have started this blog, to practice one of these forms, I can look back and see how much I’ve grown, and I get to share it all as well.

(picture definitely not created by me, to see more of this amazing artwork by aartishinde click here)

Be Inspired By Your Neighbours || Belated Blogutions DAY 16

Heya guys!

I’ve been extraordinarily busy lately and have fallen behind on my blog posts. This post is for a Blogging 101 assignment that I couldn’t find time to fit it in. The idea behind this blog post is to respond to a post that I have found that stood out to me. There’s No Place Like Home is the post that I found, and I’d invite you to read it here. 

The author desleyjane travels quite frequently and really enjoys it, but her favourite part is returning home. She asked us all if we were the type of person that needs a home base or if you would be happy travelling all the time. I, personally, am quite the hermit. Many of my friends have noted that I completely disappear for varying amounts of time. When I returned from Canada I saw all of my friends for two weeks straight. I did not have a break, and then I got really sick. I was bedridden for a week. I was actually really happy when that happened because it meant I could just have a lot of me time.

So it would seem that I am the type of person that needs a home base, I love being in my own space, surrounded by my own things. I think this comes from a lot travelling, but I don’t feel as though I have a home. This sounds a little weird, obviously I have a place where I live, in fact I have two houses, and my partners house (where I spend a lot of time). But I don’t feel as though I have a place that is 100% me. My parents split up about 7-8 years ago now and I have been living one week with dad, then one week with mum. This has always been the same for years, one week at dads, then one at mums. The only time it changes is when we go on holidays for two weeks, then it’s two weeks at mums and two weeks at dads. It’s always the same. I have spent some time during ‘dads week’ at mums house and it doesn’t feel right. Yes it’s my room, my home, my family but it’s not where I’m supposed to be that week. I don’t have a home that is always, 100%, there for me. I’m living out of a suitcase, so I’m always travelling.

My partner, and multiple friends, have asked me ‘why don’t you move into one of your parents house permanently?’ I don’t want to do that, partly because I can’t decide who I want to live with and this way I can still live with both. I still get my own space, I get to spend time with both parents equally, I still get to see my brother. So I think I’d prefer all of that to always having my own space. I will move out of home one day and I’m looking forward to having the freedom of building my home into exactly how I want to, and not packing up my stuff every week. But for now I’m happy travelling every week, and when I am home with my parents it makes up for it. I still have a place I can relax and disappear like a hermit for a week.

Continue this conversation! Do you need a home base, or would you be happy always travelling?

4 years old wishes || Belated Blogutions DAY 11


As you may have just read in my latest blog post, I am running a bit behind on my daily posting and a part of the reason of this is because my laptop broke. Well it has now been fixed and I am underway with more blogging. When I got my laptop back I went through to get all the goodies I could have lost and came across a little list that I wrote back in 2011. I was still in high school at this point in my life and I found it interesting to read back through some of the things I wanted to do in my life. So I thought I’d share them with you because I found them quite cute and I realised that I have accomplished or started to accomplish some of the things I had forgotten about.

London (very specific)
USA (not so specific)
The Great Wall of China (again very specific)
Tour ALL of Europe
Roadtrip with friends

Before I read this list I was actually in the process of organising a six month trip to England. I want to study over there and London was my first choice. I am also currently trying to squeeze in a three week trip to Germany this year as well. There are many places I would like to add on to this list here, but we would be here all night trying to remember them all. The main ones are Germany and Italy to meet some of my family, England and Greece because I think they are awesome, and just about every else I can travel to and experience more.

Study medieval times
Learn German
Be proficient in arms (guns) and archery
Write a song
Write a book
Act in a play or movie
Model something

Just the other night I finished one of the Assassins Creed games and then was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. It got me thinking of all the things I wanted to do if I could live another life (climb roofs and sail pirate ships, not assassination). There are so many skills that I want to develop. I can now drive, make coffee and pour beer from tap like a champ and it’s gotten to the point that my body just knows how to do it. I just really want to know a variety of skills to that point, which I will be writing in a blog post very soon, I just need time to finish the list (or at least get a very good head start). From this little list all I have started is learning German, I completely forgot about this list at the time of enrolling in German classes so I found that very funny. I am really enjoying it so far as I have always admired people who could speak more than one language.

Life in general:
Own a cottage
Have a family (and see my children grow up happy)
Buy mum and dad a holiday
Graduate highschool
Meet one of the Harry Potter cast (or JK herself) and thank them
Own a library full of books
Renovate my own house

All I have completed from this little list is graduating high school, I knew it was something I would always finish  but it’s still an accomplishment. I have also started my own little library, which you will very soon see.

Finding these goals from four years ago was a pretty cool insight in year 11 Jacqui’s head. I realised that there is still a lot of goals that I still want to do today, so either I have not changed much or they were always that important to me. I will be very soon adding to these with all the little things I want to complete in my life, whether it be black smithing or candlestick making. I have always just wanted to know how to do lots of things, and not just be shown it, but to do it myself. I think that is why I adore books so much, because I get to live a completely different life and in a way experience something new. Also, just to now shamelessly self promote, I have started a YouTube channel where I want to do some of these crazy things. I’m making a little Jacqui Attempts, where it’s me attempting new things. It will push me to try some of my crazier wants and wishes, and I can sort of document it.

What is some crazy or random skill you have always wanted to do? Let me know down in the comments

Jacqui xx

Jacqui rambles || Belated Blogutions DAY 10

Hello again! So, I completely dropped off the internet for a few days there. Sorry about that, it was really not intentional I swear. I just sort of do that, even in real life, from time to time. There will be just a number of days where my friends don’t here from me. You may be wondering what caused this sudden silence.

I have been extraordinarily busy these past few weeks, before this hiatus I was barely getting a blog post out every day, just scrambling home late at night after work trying to post before the clock struck midnight. I have just started a new job before Christmas and I am currently working full time hours, not the usual 9-5 though, try many split shifts (7:30am-2pm and 5pm-10pm) three or four days in a row. I was very used to the uni life style,having all of the time in the world, and I am now suddenly working full time hours which I did not expect from this job. I would like to make it clear that I am in no way complaining, I am loving my job at the moment. I just have the organisational skills of a… person lacking organisational skills. On top of work I have also been very sick, my laptop has broken down, and I have just started German classes. I have not had much time to fit everything in.

Here is a random Jacqui fact for you, today is the first bath I have had in a month. FYI, I am having regular showers, I mean bubble bath. Today is my first bubble bath of the new year. I usually only have bubble baths after exceptionally long or emotional days at work or when I really feel like spoiling myself. Whilst I have had some very long days at work I have actually not had the time to fit it in and relax. I would also like to add to my Jacqui fact, I am writing this blog post in the bath. Not a word of a lie, I am using the Comforter bath bomb and my god is it comforting me. I have a blog post that I will very soon write about this amazing bath bomb, so expect to see that very soon!

So I think you have gotten the whole gist of this post, I have been very very busy, and no I have not forgotten about you. I just don’t really cope with being busy. As I said I sort of just disappear for a while. I have actually been writing posts in my book, but have not had time to type them up and upload them. I wanted to quickly make this blog post as well because I am finding it a little difficult to continue my festival fun times series. I almost did not put my first one up as I don’t know whether I like my writing in it or not. Music is a very personal thing to me, I love sharing it with everyone, I just find it hard to encapsulate in words how it makes me feel and just how much I enjoy it. This was something I wanted to get across but don’t feel as though I did it justice. So I am also taking a lot more time to write those posts as I want to give these festivals and fun times the justice it deserves.

I have also found it difficult to write every day because I want to only be publishing posts that I think deserve to be posted. I write many drafts of each blog post (although not this one as I am running out of time to get a good nights sleep). So parts of me are in a battle and I’m not too sure which one will win. Do I write everyday and get into the gist of writing although it may not always be my best work? Or do I write quality and not post frequently, which runs the risk of me just never posting? For the moment I’ll stick with writing everyday as that is a goal I want to try and stick to. I’d like to know what you all think, leave me a message down in the comments!

Jacqui xx