To watch or not? Misfits Review

I have spent too many hours in front of the television, this has resulted in me knowing a thing or two about television series. I understand the difficulty of finding a new television show, there are so many out there and you really don’t want to waste time with shit ones. I have started this ‘to watch or not’ series (with minimal spoilers) to give you an idea of shows I have watched and enjoyed in hopes to help you find a tv show you will enjoy. I am wading through all the crap so you don’t have to, well that’s the excuse I’ll use when I binge watch everything. Without further ado, one of my favourite shows…


Number of seasons: 5

Status:  TV show completed as of 2013

Average episode length: 45 minutes without ads

Misfits follows a group of young offenders starting their community service, where they are caught in a freak electrical storm and consequently gain superhero powers. These powers can range from the stock standard, invisibility or time travel, to the ridiculous, hypnotic breasts or lactokinesis (the ability to physically move lactose). This results in a wide range of circumstances the characters find themselves in, (fighting off Adolf Hitler in modern day, living in a video game) which is very entertaining to watch. Each episode of a season has it’s own little subplots and generally will affect the main plot of the season in some way. 

Main characters: Initially there are 5 main characters: Simon, Kelly, Nathan, Curtis and Alisha (in order as pictured above). Later new characters are introduced, which I won’t tell you about because I don’t want to spoil anything.

Simon – is a very shy outcast who can come across as being a little bit disturbing and odd. He has the power of invisibility, stemming from his unpopularity where no one notices him. He is sometimes referred to as Barry by Nathan who does not know his name. However, Simon is one of the most intelligent of the group, coming up with many of the plans. He is also a very interesting character to watch grow.

Kelly – is a chav and stereotypically comes across as being very tough and aggressive. She’s the character that fits the idiom ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ as she has quite the sensitive side and can be really self conscious.

Nathan – is a rude, sarcastic and immature guy. He is obnoxious and has a very flippant attitude towards everything, all this make him an extremely fun character to watch. He says he was sent to community service for eating some pic’n’mix.

Curtis – is a rising sports star who was sent to community service after a drug scandal. This leaves him feeling quite bitter and moody. He can sometimes be a bit of a downer and be a bit self obsessed, but he genuinely likes the Misfit gang even if he rarely shows it.

Alisha – is the party girl of the group. She was sent to community service after repeat drink driving offences and comes across a little self obsessed. Later on she “slowly looses the front and we can see the vulnerable side” according to Anotonia Thomas (actor of Alisha).

What I liked: First and foremost in a tv show I like to see real characters, that look like real people with real problems. I like having characters that aren’t Mary Janes. All these characters have some detracting personality trait (which makes sense if the show is based around community service). Another aspect I like is the dark, witty and vulgar humour. I like humour that is a bit left of center and that can found here. There are jokes that are definitely not politically correct and I like that.

What I didn’t like: Without giving too much away there were some time travelling plots that annoyed me a little bit. I don’t mind time travelling, I just sometimes bore of the same sequences being repeated too often. There is one episode in particular that annoyed me and it took me a while to get through it. I also got a little too emotionally invested and there are some things that happen that made me curl into the fetal position and cry (but if you’ve seen Supernatural or Game of Thrones you wont bat an eyelid).

I’d recommend: if you appreciate British humour, if hearing phrases like ‘panty sniffer’, ‘pussy’, ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ wont bother you, if you like character development, if you enjoy storylines that are added to every episode but aren’t necessarily focused on all the time, and if you are looking for something that will not take too much of your brain capacity but is a humorous watch.

And now to my favourite part, some quotes from the show:

Simon: We could rob a bank
Nathan: Yeah, OK. Let’s rob a bank.
Probation worker: What’s that?
Nathan: Nothing.
Probation worker: Really? That’s funny, innit? Because to me it sounded like you were planning on robbing a bank.
Nathan: No, no, no. I said “Let’s have a big wank”. Communal masturbation. The old circle jerk.

Curtis: Go on then. Turn invisible.
Simon: I can’t do it when everyone’s watching me.
Nathan: So I guess it’s like pissing at a urinal if you’ve got a tiny cock.