Current shows

TV shows

to watch
currently watching (and where I am up to in seasons)
finished watching (every episode ever)

Adventure Time
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
American Dad!
American Horror Story (3/4)
Archer (5/6)
Arrested Development
Arrow (2/3)
Band of Brothers
The Blacklist
Bobs Burgers (3/4)
The Borgias (1/3)
Boys Before Flowers
Boston Legal (5/5)
Breaking Bad
Bullshit – Penn & Teller (8/8)
Community (3/5)
Dexter (8/8)
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey (4/5)
Dracula (1/1)
Family Guy
Friends (6/10)
Game of Thrones (5/5)
Golden Boy
Gossip Girl (6/6)
House of Cards
How I Met Your Mother
How to Get Away With Murder
The Inbetweeners
Labrinyth (1/1)
Lie To Me (1/3)
Mad Men
Malcolm in the Middle
Metalocalypse (1/4)
The Mentalist
Misfits (5/5)
Not Going Out (2/7)
Once Upon a Time
Orange is the New Black
Orphan Black (1/4)
Parks and Recreation
The Practice
Puberty Blues
Robin Hood
The Simpsons
Sherlock (3/3)
Skins (7/7)
Slide (1/1)
South Park (3/17)
Sons of Anarchy
Supernatural (9/10)
Star Trek
Teen Wolf (2/4)
Top Gear (1/22)
The Tudors (4/4)
Utopia (2/2)
The Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead
The West Wing
White Collar
World’s Strictest Parents UK (4/4)
World’s Strictest Parents AU (3/3)
The Young Doctor’s Notebook (1/1)
The Young Ones (2/2)


7 thoughts on “Current shows”

  1. You seem to be living on TV series instead of on food and water.

    If you want to, you can watch White Collar and House Of Cards. If you enjoyed watching Game of Thrones, you’re likely to enjoy watching House of Cards.


    1. Haha its not the most nutritious diet but it is a lot of fun (though sometimes emotionally ruining). I’ll definitely need to look them both up, especially House of Cards if it’s like Game of Thrones.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I believe that we can learn a lot from movies and TV series. Thus, you’re actually having a healthy diet.
        House of Cards is about the politics of the USA. It is interesting. There are not as many characters in it as there are in GOT but it is as fun as GOT’s politics is.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooo, we have some similar tastes. I have just started re-watchind season 1 of Scrubs (I’ve seen all but the last season). I’m also re-watching LOST (my favourite show). I’ve just started House of Cards. I’ve just finished Rush, House of Lies, Downton Abbey (s5). I also loved Miranda (UKTV), such a funny show. I loved Dexter, Girls, GoT, Puberty Blues (I’m Australian 🙂 ). Ok, I’ll stop rambling. See you in 101!


      1. Yup – 9 seasons. I watched them as first runs, and then collected them all on DVD. Season 8 wasn’t as good and season 9 is still wrapped in plastic. But I will get to it this time around! Such a funny show.


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